LTL Logistics

Business Services

Packers Logistics Solutions specialize in LTL freight between Southwestern Ontario and Western and Eastern Canada. We also have reach into the US market including most Eastern and Western states.

Knowing where your freight is and when it will be delivered is important. We can let you know where a particular truck is and what time it will be delivering or picking up your material.

Temperature sensitive shipments require safe transportation. We have an experienced team who understand the special requirements of the fast moving consumer goods.

We have a very knowledgeable and experienced staff when it comes to crossing the border. We fully under the complexities, and have the systems and processes to move your products seamlessly to and from the US.

Business Vision

Packers Logistics is committed to providing innovative and cost effective logistics for temperature controlled transportation. We will focus on our customer’s individual needs, so we can grow our sales and build our reputation.

Company Values

Our Values provide the foundation for our company and guide everything we do:

  • We believe in the value of communication within our company and our valued customers.
  • We believe that from the boardroom to the loading dock, we are aligned to do what it takes to respond to our customers’ needs and why it matters in everything we do.
  • We believe that over complexity damages creativity and that simplicity is the driver of efficient solutions for our customers.
  • We believe honest discussions and direct feedback are essential to making the right decisions, quickly.
  • We believe in the power of different perspectives and in daring to try new ways.
  • We believe that what makes our workplace great is passion and personality.