About Us

Who we are

At Packers Logistic we specialize in Refrigerated product Transport Logistics. We are an asset based company featuring a fleet of late model trucks and new edge tri and dual temperature trailers. We pride ourselves in providing the best product handling in the industry focused primarily on the integrity of our customer’s product and the timely arrival of anything we handle. If we can’t do it right we will not get involved. Our dispatch team of experienced professionals ensure that our customer focused philosophy is always paramount in decision making.

We are a midsize company and that gives us the scale we need to handle most customer logistical needs. Our size also allows us to be fast, fluid and flexible ensuring each shipment is handled with a personal touch and care that we believe sets us apart.

The size and competencies of our company make us well positioned to compete in the LTL Refrigeration sector. We are fully equipped to ship any LTL shipments efficiently, cost effectively and always with our Customers product integrity as our motivation.


The freight business like any other demands an in-depth understanding of your direct customers business so you can meet their logistics needs. Respecting the integrity of their products and end consumers they focus on, lays the foundation for partnership at Packers Logistics.

Transporting temperature controlled products is our specialty and there are no compromises in the protection of any freight we deal with. We also understand the importance of time and how it can impact the availability of our customer’s product to theirs.

We strive to build insightful value propositions and offer these to our customers. Through our experienced people and processes we provide simple but effective services that support these mutual beneficial value propositions.